Star Wars: The Far Reaches

Episode 15

Network Control

We flash directly to action. Zakoor and CRUMB have set out to explore the nearby science lab and are set upon by 5 armoured mercenaries. Zakoor is critically wounded, and they are force to flee, comming for help as they move down a long open, well lit corridor.

Sitting on the bridge of The Eagle__, Bril’ immediately runs out to help, only to be stopped by the first door way he encounters.

Meanwhile, Vanos had been investigating the nearby balcony, where not long ago they had been assailed by a sniper. Hearing the distress call, he jumps off the balcony and lands in an agile roll, sprinting towards the action.

Sealing the hatchway behind them and opening the one in front, CRUMB stops pursuit and allows the others to join them. No one is quite sure how to deal with their captive mercenaries and single bothan Scientist.

Zakoor acquires very basic first aid on the ship, but promptly returns to the confrontation just as Bril’ and Vanos had gotten total compliance from the captives. The bothan was proving difficult to extract any information from, so Vanos decided to up the tempo by shooting the bothan. In a rage of panic, the scientist pleads that they are all going to die, the owner of the deathstick lab would not be happy!

A tweak of some mysterious nerve forced Zakoor to lash out, hacking into one of the mercenaries arms. No one dares to oppose them, after that. CRUMB again, seals them in their chambers while also pulling up a complete network topography of the Golan station. CRUMB also shuts down all public terminals, which is celebrated by a cold space brew.


Naboooki Naboooki

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