Star Wars: The Far Reaches

Episode 16

Golan Recon

Utilizing their new mouse droid TimBit, the group finds a near by repair bay. After Bril’, Zakoor and Vanos all bumble into the room head first (Literally), Tima Borak follows and is impressed by the facilities. He takes up shop, claiming the zone as his own. All the while CRUMB is excitedly slicing further into the computers systems.

Next the guys move down a level through a turbolift down a hallway to the west of The Eagle. Down below they find four cavernous rooms, with a smaller though still large chamber in the middle. Hitting the controls wildly, the elevator contraption jumps into motion. The durasteel roof above them splits and their move up into the hanger above them. Luckily they had not parked The Eagle directly above.

Revisiting the medbay, they find kitchen, an open and spacious Cantina and associated storage rooms. They enter another turbolift and this time move upwards. One of the first rooms is a fitness centre and a shooting range. They are immediately attacked by 3 security droids! CRUMB slices one and Zakoor brutally hacks down another. A quick breather and they set out to explore further!


Naboooki Naboooki

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