Star Wars: The Far Reaches

Episode 17

Total Control

Continuing the exploration of the upper levels of the station, the group ended up in a centre annex courtyard, lined by stocky shrub which Bril’ attempts to identify by eating and choking on. After that tense moment, they move further upwards on a new set of tubrolifts, heading up to the command deck. Finding themselves in a darkened courtyard with a large central tree they cautiously look around. CRUMB enables the lighting and adds a little mood music, which Zakoor promptly takes offence to, which puts a halt to Vanos’ groovy moves.

Suddenly, a quick movement is seen on the circular deck above the courtyard. Moving up carefully and drawing weapons the group approaches a small fort made of crates and boxes in one of the control trenches. A whimper can be heard within. After a spell of coercion, the group convinces a small human girl to creep out. It turns out this girl, Ghen is her name, was abandoned on the station many many months ago and has since stayed hidden on board while doing her best to monitor the stations activity. Before long, Ghen reminds the group of the Trandoshan Krenk, who is still loose on the station. This prompts Zakoor and Vanos to go hunting immediately, while Bril’ returns to his ship to check on their contract from Diori and CRUMB talks shop with Tima.

Descending into the lower, cavernous storage bays, evidence of claw marks is found, leading even further down into the engine bowels of the massive station. At this point, Zakoors addiction takes over and he injects a dose of glitterstim, which he is unable to hide from Vanos. This prompts an arguement before they continue on.

Down below they find a hunched over Krenk. His hacked off arm has regrown and his back is to the hunters, oblivious to their entry. Vanos stuns him and they drag him up to the stations brig. Krenk refuses to talk, even under torturous treatment. They group decide to wait him out and return later.

After a successful reconnaissance of the station, the crew sits down for a cold Nabrew to discuss their next course of action. First making a deal with the mercenaries and Bothan scientist to ensure their cooperation, Diori’s majordomo Trusska is then contacted and agrees aids the group by using connections to delay the next death stick pickup.

Final preparations are made, and the Eagle once again lifts off!


Naboooki Naboooki

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