Star Wars: The Far Reaches

Episode 18

Tibanna Pickup

Finally leaving the Golan Station, Bril’ excitedly navigates through the surrounding asteroid field using his feet. Meanwhile, Vanos and CRUMB play a heated game of holochess, but are interrupted by The Eagles sudden jump to lightspeed. CRUMB topples, but recovers quickly as a hurried apology rings though the ships comms.

After a handful of hours later they reach the Ord Ibanna system. Flying cautiously with Zakoor and CRUMB manning the turboblasters they head towards the small mining encampment, weaving through ancient looking space battle debris. A frozen body bounces off the ship, startling the crew. Both gunners start to take practice shots, though neither are able to hit their targets.

Suddenly they receive a communication from the small settlement. They are giving landing instructions and upon landing they meet a boring looking human named Dax. He is accompanied by three diminutive Sullustians. They all seem rather friendly as they lead the crew down into the station, where they then take a industrial looking turbolift down. Along they way they learn more about Tibanna gas and the operations of the small facility.

Showing off his strength, Zakoor does a lot of the heavy lifting as he loads up the carbonite slabs of frozen gas. After a couple of tiring hours the group is loaded and ready to take off. Almost immediately after take off The Eagle is approached by two unidentified snubfighters hidden in the space debris.

This time, Vanos is on a gun and takes out the first fighter. The Eagle sustains minor damage before Zakoor can do a few small repairs and CRUMB jam any communications. Vanos hits the second fighter and as it spins out of control on its way to a fiery collision with a massive piece of floating hull. Working quickly and smartly with CRUMB, the jamming is dropped and they are able to intercept a last second data package sent out by the reeling fighter.

A quick calculation later and Bril’ has them jumping out of system, on their way to meet with Diori on Sleheyron and deliver their precious cargo.


Naboooki Naboooki

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