Star Wars: The Far Reaches

Episode 21

Sleheyron Exodus.

Back on Sleheyron, the crew decides to go shopping. Their spree at Jorels Emporium of Fine Goods (and other items of nefarious quality) is rudely interrupted. First, a diminutive Chadra-fan races by and hands Vanos a cumpled note on a piece of flimsi. It warns them to get off planet and to not trust the Hutt. It is signed with only the letter J. Almost immediately after, they run into an old enemy.

Bandin Doobah has a new crew, and claims to be working with Diori. Apparently there are rumours that the group killed Stanut. High risk Vanos jumps to action and takes the first shot. Bandin deftly rolls out of the way taking a shot of his own that disintegrates Vanos’s heavy blaster. Zakoor jumps to action, CRUMB launches a net and shots continue to fire. Once victorious, they are unable to get Bandin to talk. His eyes are therefore shocked right out of his head for his failure to cooperate. The crew takes this as a que to flee the planet, in explosive fashion.

Back in space CRUMB does some minor repairs to The Eagle and makes sense of an encrypted package sent from The Spotted Moon. It originated in Corellia and showed a route to Dagobah in the Outer Rim.


Naboooki Naboooki

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