Star Wars: The Far Reaches

Episode 24

Halloween Interlude

Enter the digital dreams of CRUMB. Stranded on a mountain of unsorted garbage, the astromech droid is in desperate need of assistance.

Flash to Zakoor, Vanos and Bril’ trudging though a misty, spooky swamp. All are able to deftly leap along a safe route, the Infravision of the Chiss of great benefit. Unexpectedly a Demon winged creature swoops down and starts to attack. The deformed demon Toydarian attacks and guides waves of zombies wielding hunting rifles and hand tools. The crew defeats them, moving on.

A ticking sound reverberates through the swamp. Two jack-O-lantern headed figures hang dead from the trees. Fear among the crew begins to rise as the hanging figures are determined to be Jennica and Stanut. Passing on they come to a small abandoned village where they come across an old Rodian hag. Each receives a small gift and they move on without much discussion.

Next they have moved into a clearing. It is occupied with a giant bog Hutt.

Zakoor is charmed into giving the creature his arm, Vanos reacts by shooting and disintegrates a Hutt limb. Hacking away, they make short work of the grotesque creature. Climbing on up the mountain past the clearing they come across CRUMB dealing with the endless churn of garbage. T1M B1T shows up, revealed to be the instigator and detonates, blowing everything and everything up!


Naboooki Naboooki

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