Bril' A'tak


Species: Twi’lek
Career: Explorer
Specialization: Fringer
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Skin Color: Olive Green
Eyes: Green
Notable Features:
-Dark Brown/Black stripes down Lekku.
-Small ornately decorated broken Twi’lek dagger sheathed on belt.


A single child from wealthy political clan family from the city of Cazne on Ryloth, Bril was raised primarily in schools away from his family who were frequently on dignitaral duties off world. As a young child Bril was always curious of other planet affairs and you could find his slim nose buried in books of lore and off-world politics. Not necessarily a troublemaker but he did have a way of raising eyebrows from fellow classmates and teachers by slipping out of precarious situations that he may or may not have instigated with a silver tongue, he was never too far from where mischief seemed to happen. He had frequently been told by his elders that he could sell ice cubes to a Wampa. And not knowing what a Wampa was, or where they were from, was still pretty damn sure he could.

Bril’s love for the stars came from the fact he was unable to leave the desert planet as he was set to inherit a spot as one of the five members leading his clan, and leaving the planet was forbidden. The only knowledge of anything past Ryloth was from the infrequent meetings with his parents and their stories of off world wonders, aliens, spaceports, and something called ‘jedi’.

Although not knowing his parents well, he always admired them. Unsure of exactly what they did, whenever they met throughout his years they always appeared well dressed and bearing exotic gifts from their travels. Knowing this would be his fate one day made him proud of the family name. Of all the items from far off star systems he always found intrigue in a small ornately decorated Twi’lek dagger his father kept on his belt. Always attached and never removing it from it’s sheath the reply when Bril frequently asked about its story and it’s odd carvings that did not appear Twi’lekian, came with a calm reply of “Soon, my son”.

To be continued…

Bril' A'tak

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