A sly Trader


Species: Zabrak
Career: Explorer
Specialization: Trader
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Hair: Short, Cropped darn brown
Eyes: Green
Notable Features: 4 rows of small, sharp black horns.


Stanut well versed in the ways of the galaxy, and has a good understanding of the grander scope of interstellar economics and has traveled from the core to rim many times over. He has made his way across the stars and he is constantly on the lookout for business opportunities. In the past he has dealt in weapons, though he has shied away from such dealings recently.

He has spent the past year living the life of a vagabond wandering throughout Hutt space, and has often been seen inciting small riots begrudging the oppression of Hutt dominance. Thus was how he was first met by our adventurers on Sleheyron. After prattling on and acting rather strange, he lead them to a local cantina and introduced them to a spectacular space brew and Dovin the bartender.


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