Star Wars: The Far Reaches

Episode 14
A new Beginning

It has been 5 days since the battle with Dag Salis and his crew. EV-86 has fled in the Nova Courier and has not returned. Stanut remains comatose and so far very little progress has been made in repairing the damaged ‘Spotted Moon’.

Zakoor and Vanos have begun to form a more positive relationship, even while Zakoor is falling deeper and deeper into his dark addition. Vanos, however, is becoming enamoured with high risk situations, and cannot wait for more action.

Meanwhile Bril’ is relaxing in the cockpit when he answers a call from Diori the Hutt. He wishes to speak with Stanut but is willing to speak with the Twi’lek and in turn offers him a well paying contract.

CRUMB has set out exploring areas close to the hanger, being able to exit the atmosphere containment and finding another hatch outside. Slicing a set of air locks the wily little droid finds a curious hydroponics set up and science lab. All seem to be in working order, and evidence leads towards a drug making setup. CRUMB eagerly informs Vanos of her find.

Inaction in the giant hanger leads to sport, and the men start launching debris from the hanger with other stick-like debris. Zakoor muscles one shot extremely far, which can be seen way in the distance deflecting off an incoming vessel.

It turns out to be their long lost ship, ‘The Eagle’, piloted by Jenica and she has brought the exuberant Mon Cal Tima.

The group chats about their next actions, realizing they could attempt to set up base on the defence platform. CRUMB runs diagnostics and has begun to bring on more atmosphere generators.

Soon after Jenica leaves once again, taking ‘The Spotted Moon’ seeking medical attention for Stanut.

Episode 13
The Pirate's Landing

Three ships enter the cavernous main hanger bay of the Golan Platform. The largest, a Nova Cruiser slows to touch down, while the two speedy Preybirds make a speedy strafing run, laying down a hail of energy bolts. All but Vanos are knocked down as the bolts explode across the durasteel deck.

As the group recovers, the Cruiser sets down and its main ramp immediately opens. As swashbuckling Gotal walks down, flanked by a heavily armed EV Supervisor droid and and a Ryyk Blade weilding Trandoshan. They are joined by a crew of pike weilding pirates and a group of armed thugs.

A quick conversation reveals the Gotal to be a privateer named Dag Salis, and he is intent on stealing the Biome Generators. Without too much hesitation, Zakoor challenges the Trandoshan Krenk to a one on one battle. The situation escalates quickly. Krenk jumps in and deals excessive damage, but Zakoor hacks him down. His hit takes off one of his arms and knocks him down hard. Vanos becomes engaged with the pirates, Bril’ tosses a stun grenade at the Droid and CRUMB locks down the ship.

Vanos dodges and shoots his way through the pirate crew while CRUMB is able to hack the Nova Cruiser, taking control of its weapons. Dag Salis is notified of the intrusion immediately, but it does not help him much. The turboblaster is fired accurately and the Gotal is launched far off violently.

After knocking down his opponent, Zakoor is attacked by the group of thugs. Their shots do nothing, bouncing off, and all but one are swiftly dealt with. The EV droid and final thug are all that remain fighting, and they decide to run. CRUMB manages to shut down their system, seconds before the the Preybirds fly over and attack once more.

Episode 12
Man Down

3 Days out of Boz Pity, ‘The Spotted Moon’ lands on Taanab to drop of Jenica in order for her to retrieve ‘The Eagle’. This proves to be the first truly civilized planet the group has visited, which quickly prompts uncomfortable interactions with Imperial Customs Agents.

Vanos is particularly shaken and hides aboard the the ship while Bril’ and Stanut almost get boarded for implying there were more than the recorded passenger list aboard. Zakoor and CRUMB attempt to covertly spy on the proceedings from the ramp. Thankfully, a crisis is averted and they leave planet side quickly.

Bril’ successfully plots their course to the Sullust System, getting them across the Galaxy quite quickly. To take up time on the journey, the group plays a chance cube based game called Hintaro. Stanut wins a game, but in the end it is Bril’ that takes the pot. Immediately after, the rotting head of the Guf Drolg is remembered, and flash frozen by exposing it to the cold of space in the docking collar.

Their destination turns out to be an antiquated, abandoned Golan Space Defence Platform sitting in the middle of the Sullullub asteroid field. They are able to land unhindered, exit the ship in an open cavernous docking bay. A small group of Sullustians approaches, and an unseen sniper shoots and dramatically hits Stanut right through the neck. Zakoor hurries and pulls him back up the ramp, Bril’ manages to create a distraction by shooting an oxygen canister. Bril’ is hit and suffers a minor critical wound, Zakoor responds by hacking down a pair of the startled Sullustians and in doing so spots the sniper. Vanos runs out, guns ablaze and is able to knock down the armoured sharpshooter.

Meanwhile, CRUMB stabilizes Stanut on board the ship. Just as it seems the diminutive Sullustians were attempting to surrender a large ship and two fighters enter the Golan to join the ongoing action.

Episode 11
Hallucinogenic Butchery

Dropping into Boz Pity’s atmosphere, upon seeing trouble at Sol Winrels archaeological camp, Stanut deftly lands ‘The Spotted Moon’ inside the damaged electric perimeter fence. CRUMB accesses Xenology databanks, and upon identifying the four beasts as Guf Drolgs is also able to find a weakness in their armour. Zakoor stealthily runs towards cover and Vanos takes a potshot at a wooden box in an attempt to distract the closest creature, narrowly missing Zakoor. Meanwhile, Bril’ attempts to assert his leadership unsuccessfully, as his voice goes unheard in the din of combat. The Group spreads out to take further control of the situation. Upon arrival, Sol was perched on top of his ship, ‘The Lithic’, and in a panic slides off without any grace.

The heat of the battle rises, as Zakoor hacks the closest creature down brutally. Almost immediately after he succumbs to withdrawl hallucinations which manifests as two large flying creatures intent on inflicting great strain on the beefy Maurauder. He narrowly succumbs and loses consciousness due to a great mental strain. As he swings wildly, the battle rages on. Bril’ shoots down another beats while CRUMB and Vanos coordinate to repair the barrier fence before more of the Drolgs can enter the compound.

After the battle, a recovered Zakoor hacks off a Guf Drolg head, commanding CRUMB to wrap it up as Stanut was not at all pleased that the bloody head was going to be dragged onto his ship. That evening, the group is rewarded with a bit of down time and relaxation, as Guf steaks are prepared over an open fire. Another passenger was discovered by by Vanos and CRUMB. Jenica Kahn emerges to confer with Stanut. He has learned that the ’The Thousand Year Eagle has been impounded on Kalkovac. Jenica, a ShipJacker by trade, has been brought along just in case her services were needed.

As the fire burns down low outside, Bril’ finally gets a chance to sit down and discuss his mystery dagger with Sol. While he does not possess any concrete answers, he believes the heirloom is a Darksaber, of which only a few were rumoured to exist during the Clone Wars. However, the weapon is incomplete and Sol is unable to decrypt the glyphs at present.

The next morning they depart, continuing on Stanut’s scheduled delivery job to Sullust.

Episode 10
Mercantilism and The Spotted Moon

As the crew of The Eagle recovers from the nerve wrecking string of events in Crevasse City, they take time to gather collected (Err…Looted) supplies in an attempt to score some creds. Vanos procures a more suitable disguise and CRUMB is able to find a hover dolly to transport their loot covertly. They soon make their way to Cuzlun’s Emporium, along the way Bril’ noticed a Kel Dor among the crowd. As most of the crew heads in to do some shopping, Zakoor once again slinks off, trying to feed his addiction by intimidating a Chevin Merchant.

In exchange for their load of weapons, they make a trade for a severely junked Wanderer Surveyor Scout droid, Vanos snags a heavy blaster pistol, Bril’ picks up a pair of hunting goggles and a weapons harness. They also tack on two Saturn Candy bars to the bill, for good measure.

The group eventually rendez-vous and Bril’ promptly receives a comm call from Enciss Alon in which he provides Sol Winrel’s dig co-ordinates on Boz Pity. Wandering back into the spaceport, they run into a familiar face. Stanut and his wooden box have returned, sporting the ship The Spotted Moon. Stanut freely offers information about the Consortium Commander Spir Fraxis who has been hot on their trail and how he has in the past had tenuous dealings with the Chiss. However, he arrives calling on the repayment of a favour, having previously saved the Eagles Company from Zahn detainment.

First, Stanut offers the group a ride off planet in order to escape Consortium attention. In return, he expects help in the successful completion of a a job, citing Diori as his continued sponsor.

Before blasting off planet CRUMB intercepts a transmission referencing their actions around Crevasse, further expediting their willingness to depart. In exchange for a Saturn Candy bar they ask Tima to attempt to do something about the Eagles transponder.

Finally, a short hyperspace jump later brings The Spotted Moon and its passengers to Boz Pity. Reaching the Archaeological dig they immediately notice trouble! Four large brutish creatures are attacking, causing excessive destruction!

Episode 9
Offloading Cargo

As the Arcona Scholar, Enciss Alon took a further look at Bril’s heirloom and agreed to help, Zakoor was sitting forlornly outside when he was approached by 3 thugs. At the very same moment CRUMB and a disguised Vanos emerge from the droid maintenance shop and are also accosted by 2 thugs. Bril’ is able to run from the learning center and quickly aid Zakoor.
Shooting one thug through the chest, one is also downed by a powerful punch. The third thug was able to successfully flee.

Meanwhile, Vanos initially panics and CRUMB is able to make a quick, triumphant calculation to deflect the sunlight, blinding one thug and causing him to last out wildly, hitting the other thug. Vanos quickly draws and calmly shoots off the head of the blinded thug, his body falling to knock out the others. Utilizing astromech speed, Vanos and CRUMB rocket off to flee the carnage and head for their team.

Rounding the corner they are bowled over by Zakoor who was in hot pursuit of of the retreating thug. Unfortunately he escapes. Subsequently the crew decides to return to The Thousand Year Eagle to regroup.

All except the droid decide to head to The Rusty Can in order to sell the SpaceBrew. They are able to broker a deal, selling 30 cases at a profit. Back at the ship CRUMB decides to help with the spaceport disrepair and garners the respect of his fellow robots. For his efforts, the Mon Cal Tima Borak rewards CRUMB with a broken down maintenance droid.

Celebratory drinks are had by all!

Episode 8
Answers and Oil Baths

Emerging from Hyperspace, the Eagle is on approach towards Kalkovak. Bril’ is busy piloting, CRUMB is doing a fantastic job of recycling and the other two crew members nurse their space brew hangovers. After a quick communication with the space port at the capital of Crevasse City, the Eagle is given a landing birth in a large subterranean port.

The ship is powered down, and all depart the ship except for Zakoor, who is in need of a little alone time. A pleasant Mon Calimari mechanic named Tima is assigned to their ships care, and is also nice enough to direct them to a reputable cantina called the Rusty Can. He also passes along the contact information for his info broker friend, a Quarren named Stoburc.

Along the way through Crevasse City there is an awkward altercation with two Rodians who seem opposed to Vanos being a Chiss. It is at this moment that Zakoor decides to rejoin the group and tackles the two troublemakers, sending them fleeing and admitting to Consortium affiliation.

The Rusty Can proves to have poor drink selection, so they do not stay long. However, Stoburc is able to give them some job opportunities as well as leading Bril’ to a Learning center near by. On the way there, they have another run in with the Rodians, and this time they have back up. Vanos is able to talk them down, however he now decides it’s time for him to don a disguise, generously borrowed from CRUMB in exchange for the promised oil bath.

Bril’ reaches the center, and meets Enciss Alon where he starts to get some information on his priceless dagger. Zakoor waits outside and is unable to find any new drug hookups and The Chiss/Droid team buy a communicator so the beeps of an astromech now make sense.

Right at the end, those pesky trouble makers show up once more…it looks like they aren’t willing to give up!

Episode 7
The pursuit of The Steady Hand

The Eagle pops out of Sleheyrons atmosphere and is immediately beset with a wing of four TIE Fighters. Bril’ and Vanos see to piloting and co-piloting duties while Zakoor jumps into one of the quad laser canons. CRUMB makes his way to the gun well terminal and immediately takes control of the other canon. Being rather inexperienced, Zakoor hits a steep learning curve, while the diminutive astromech is uses some gunnery sharpshooting skill to accurately knock the incoming fighters out of their way.

It soon becomes obvious that the Empire is not the only one to have TIE’s at their disposal. Somehow The Consortium has procured at least a few of the agile, highly dangerous eyeballs. The Steady Hand is the capital ship disgorging the attacking fighters, and opens communications while the crew of The Eagle is busy calculating a jump to hyperspace. Almost immediately, CRUMB is triumphant and expedites the calculations to send them quickly out of real space and on their way toward their next port, Kalkovac.

The crew spends the trip trying to get some relaxation, celebrating by finishing a case of Dovin’s SpaceBrew. The draught proved to be pleasantly mild, crisp, light and refreshing!

Episode 6
A bid for freedom

The screen fades to Bril’, Zakoor, Vanos and CRUMB surrounded by a dozen Consortium men. After realizing that they aren’t going to talk their way out of this one, the grizzled old vet’ that appears to be their leader, has their hands bound and they are promptly relieved of their weapons.

The life form scanner is boxed up and loaded into one vehicle and the prisoners are loaded into the other. After almost persuading the Twi’lek guarding them to lend a helping hand, Zakoor very boldly moves to the nearest computer console and tells Bril’ to grab the restraining bolt remover to free CRUMB. A shot is fired, a curfuffle ensues and is very abruptly halted as the landspeeder gets rammed from the side, flips and grinds to a halt.

Seconds later, the hatch opens and none other than their Zabrak friend has arrived to save them. After pulling them out of the wreckage and recovering their weapons they make their way back to Diori’s Palace. Vanos and CRUMB are dropped off at the spaceport and it turns out that this particular Hutt is more understanding than most and simply wants a continued mutually beneficial relationship.

Shortly after, the Eagle lifts off the planet Sleheyron with no immediate plans and 1000 bottles of space brew.

The story so far...
Sessions 1-6

Following the successful completion of their first bounty, the initial trio of adventurers took no time off before returning to their Hutt contact for more work on Sleheyron. After meeting the Zabrak Stanut and setting up a shipping deal with the local cantina owner Dovin, they were given a mysterious man hunt mission. The task led them to the chiss, Vanos. Bound and left in a craggy volcanic forest, Vanos had been set left as a trap by The Zann Consortium in order to take down any Hutt agents sent after the Chiss exile.

After a heated battle to first secure their freedom, they soon came up against impossible odds and were all taken captive. While being shipped to an unknown location Bril’ A’tak and Zakoor pressed their guards aggressively and had very nearly talked their way to release before the vehicle was hit hard and went tumbling. Everyone managed to avoid injury and their rescuer turned out to be the eccentric Stanut.

He quickly carted them away from the crash site and before long they had rocketed off planet, in search of their next adventure


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