Star Wars: The Far Reaches

Episode 20
Easy Money

Gliss Riffer, an old and unsavoury acquaintance of Zakoor, shows up and there is no question that he is a glit biter. He came asking for a hookup, but instead went elsewhere to look. Meanwhile, CRUMB and Vanos take care of some unfinished business by eliminating Luna.

All the while, Bril’ has made an offer of relocation to Dovin. The barman is very happy with the prospect of brewing away from the suffocating grip of the Hutts. At this point, Snoo returns to offer work. Zakoor has rejoined and decides they will take a job rescuing a pair of politicians children on Lythos in the Corporate Sector.

On the Farm planet they meet the Cerean contact, Ti-run-Cor. His kids are being held by a poilitical rival at her nearby homestead. Bril Flies them there swiftly and skillfully. CRUMB disables everything and Vanos takes down the first three guards. Zakoor jumps into action and eliminates the remaining 2. Upon returning the children they receive their reward and then return to Sleheyron.

Episode 19
Customs and Payout

The Eagle is yanked from hyperspace on the outskirts of the Antar system. While Bril’ is able to flawlessly determine their location, he us unfortunately unable to send his B.O.S.S datapad info to the customs officials that have pulled them from hyperspace. CRUMB rushes in to help, and Vanos steps in to assist in negotiating with the Imperials.

First they are questioned about their lengthy absence from civilized ports, and what their cargo is. They admit to the space brew and the Gulf Drolg head. They are fined and taxed, but successfully get away without being boarded. After landing on Sleheyron, the cargo is sent to Diori’s Palace.

Soon to be reminded that they have a stored crate of Glitterstim, Vanos and CRUMB work to find an black market contact to offload the goods. They find a smooth talking, floating droid named Luna that is willing to do business with them.

Meanwhile, Bril’ and Zakoor make their way to Diori’s palace, where they are guided in by the Rodian Majordomo Trusska. Walking down winding passageways, Bril’ and Zakoor arrive in the throne room, where they in turn decide to forego receiving payment for the tibanna in exchange for help fund the Golan platform and their goal to build it into a functioning hub.

After being escorted out by a pair of Gamoreans, the team runs into an old contact, the Devoranian Snoo. He warns Bril’ that the Spir Fraxis and the Zann Consortium may not be a threat to be feared, and that Diori may not beentirely trustworthy.

The whole crew rendezvous at Dovin’s modest cantina to celebrate the successful completion of their delivery job.

Episode 18
Tibanna Pickup

Finally leaving the Golan Station, Bril’ excitedly navigates through the surrounding asteroid field using his feet. Meanwhile, Vanos and CRUMB play a heated game of holochess, but are interrupted by The Eagles sudden jump to lightspeed. CRUMB topples, but recovers quickly as a hurried apology rings though the ships comms.

After a handful of hours later they reach the Ord Ibanna system. Flying cautiously with Zakoor and CRUMB manning the turboblasters they head towards the small mining encampment, weaving through ancient looking space battle debris. A frozen body bounces off the ship, startling the crew. Both gunners start to take practice shots, though neither are able to hit their targets.

Suddenly they receive a communication from the small settlement. They are giving landing instructions and upon landing they meet a boring looking human named Dax. He is accompanied by three diminutive Sullustians. They all seem rather friendly as they lead the crew down into the station, where they then take a industrial looking turbolift down. Along they way they learn more about Tibanna gas and the operations of the small facility.

Showing off his strength, Zakoor does a lot of the heavy lifting as he loads up the carbonite slabs of frozen gas. After a couple of tiring hours the group is loaded and ready to take off. Almost immediately after take off The Eagle is approached by two unidentified snubfighters hidden in the space debris.

This time, Vanos is on a gun and takes out the first fighter. The Eagle sustains minor damage before Zakoor can do a few small repairs and CRUMB jam any communications. Vanos hits the second fighter and as it spins out of control on its way to a fiery collision with a massive piece of floating hull. Working quickly and smartly with CRUMB, the jamming is dropped and they are able to intercept a last second data package sent out by the reeling fighter.

A quick calculation later and Bril’ has them jumping out of system, on their way to meet with Diori on Sleheyron and deliver their precious cargo.

Episode 17
Total Control

Continuing the exploration of the upper levels of the station, the group ended up in a centre annex courtyard, lined by stocky shrub which Bril’ attempts to identify by eating and choking on. After that tense moment, they move further upwards on a new set of tubrolifts, heading up to the command deck. Finding themselves in a darkened courtyard with a large central tree they cautiously look around. CRUMB enables the lighting and adds a little mood music, which Zakoor promptly takes offence to, which puts a halt to Vanos’ groovy moves.

Suddenly, a quick movement is seen on the circular deck above the courtyard. Moving up carefully and drawing weapons the group approaches a small fort made of crates and boxes in one of the control trenches. A whimper can be heard within. After a spell of coercion, the group convinces a small human girl to creep out. It turns out this girl, Ghen is her name, was abandoned on the station many many months ago and has since stayed hidden on board while doing her best to monitor the stations activity. Before long, Ghen reminds the group of the Trandoshan Krenk, who is still loose on the station. This prompts Zakoor and Vanos to go hunting immediately, while Bril’ returns to his ship to check on their contract from Diori and CRUMB talks shop with Tima.

Descending into the lower, cavernous storage bays, evidence of claw marks is found, leading even further down into the engine bowels of the massive station. At this point, Zakoors addiction takes over and he injects a dose of glitterstim, which he is unable to hide from Vanos. This prompts an arguement before they continue on.

Down below they find a hunched over Krenk. His hacked off arm has regrown and his back is to the hunters, oblivious to their entry. Vanos stuns him and they drag him up to the stations brig. Krenk refuses to talk, even under torturous treatment. They group decide to wait him out and return later.

After a successful reconnaissance of the station, the crew sits down for a cold Nabrew to discuss their next course of action. First making a deal with the mercenaries and Bothan scientist to ensure their cooperation, Diori’s majordomo Trusska is then contacted and agrees aids the group by using connections to delay the next death stick pickup.

Final preparations are made, and the Eagle once again lifts off!

Episode 16
Golan Recon

Utilizing their new mouse droid TimBit, the group finds a near by repair bay. After Bril’, Zakoor and Vanos all bumble into the room head first (Literally), Tima Borak follows and is impressed by the facilities. He takes up shop, claiming the zone as his own. All the while CRUMB is excitedly slicing further into the computers systems.

Next the guys move down a level through a turbolift down a hallway to the west of The Eagle. Down below they find four cavernous rooms, with a smaller though still large chamber in the middle. Hitting the controls wildly, the elevator contraption jumps into motion. The durasteel roof above them splits and their move up into the hanger above them. Luckily they had not parked The Eagle directly above.

Revisiting the medbay, they find kitchen, an open and spacious Cantina and associated storage rooms. They enter another turbolift and this time move upwards. One of the first rooms is a fitness centre and a shooting range. They are immediately attacked by 3 security droids! CRUMB slices one and Zakoor brutally hacks down another. A quick breather and they set out to explore further!

Episode 15
Network Control

We flash directly to action. Zakoor and CRUMB have set out to explore the nearby science lab and are set upon by 5 armoured mercenaries. Zakoor is critically wounded, and they are force to flee, comming for help as they move down a long open, well lit corridor.

Sitting on the bridge of The Eagle__, Bril’ immediately runs out to help, only to be stopped by the first door way he encounters.

Meanwhile, Vanos had been investigating the nearby balcony, where not long ago they had been assailed by a sniper. Hearing the distress call, he jumps off the balcony and lands in an agile roll, sprinting towards the action.

Sealing the hatchway behind them and opening the one in front, CRUMB stops pursuit and allows the others to join them. No one is quite sure how to deal with their captive mercenaries and single bothan Scientist.

Zakoor acquires very basic first aid on the ship, but promptly returns to the confrontation just as Bril’ and Vanos had gotten total compliance from the captives. The bothan was proving difficult to extract any information from, so Vanos decided to up the tempo by shooting the bothan. In a rage of panic, the scientist pleads that they are all going to die, the owner of the deathstick lab would not be happy!

A tweak of some mysterious nerve forced Zakoor to lash out, hacking into one of the mercenaries arms. No one dares to oppose them, after that. CRUMB again, seals them in their chambers while also pulling up a complete network topography of the Golan station. CRUMB also shuts down all public terminals, which is celebrated by a cold space brew.

Episode 14
A new Beginning

It has been 5 days since the battle with Dag Salis and his crew. EV-86 has fled in the Nova Courier and has not returned. Stanut remains comatose and so far very little progress has been made in repairing the damaged ‘Spotted Moon’.

Zakoor and Vanos have begun to form a more positive relationship, even while Zakoor is falling deeper and deeper into his dark addition. Vanos, however, is becoming enamoured with high risk situations, and cannot wait for more action.

Meanwhile Bril’ is relaxing in the cockpit when he answers a call from Diori the Hutt. He wishes to speak with Stanut but is willing to speak with the Twi’lek and in turn offers him a well paying contract.

CRUMB has set out exploring areas close to the hanger, being able to exit the atmosphere containment and finding another hatch outside. Slicing a set of air locks the wily little droid finds a curious hydroponics set up and science lab. All seem to be in working order, and evidence leads towards a drug making setup. CRUMB eagerly informs Vanos of her find.

Inaction in the giant hanger leads to sport, and the men start launching debris from the hanger with other stick-like debris. Zakoor muscles one shot extremely far, which can be seen way in the distance deflecting off an incoming vessel.

It turns out to be their long lost ship, ‘The Eagle’, piloted by Jenica and she has brought the exuberant Mon Cal Tima.

The group chats about their next actions, realizing they could attempt to set up base on the defence platform. CRUMB runs diagnostics and has begun to bring on more atmosphere generators.

Soon after Jenica leaves once again, taking ‘The Spotted Moon’ seeking medical attention for Stanut.

Episode 13
The Pirate's Landing

Three ships enter the cavernous main hanger bay of the Golan Platform. The largest, a Nova Cruiser slows to touch down, while the two speedy Preybirds make a speedy strafing run, laying down a hail of energy bolts. All but Vanos are knocked down as the bolts explode across the durasteel deck.

As the group recovers, the Cruiser sets down and its main ramp immediately opens. As swashbuckling Gotal walks down, flanked by a heavily armed EV Supervisor droid and and a Ryyk Blade weilding Trandoshan. They are joined by a crew of pike weilding pirates and a group of armed thugs.

A quick conversation reveals the Gotal to be a privateer named Dag Salis, and he is intent on stealing the Biome Generators. Without too much hesitation, Zakoor challenges the Trandoshan Krenk to a one on one battle. The situation escalates quickly. Krenk jumps in and deals excessive damage, but Zakoor hacks him down. His hit takes off one of his arms and knocks him down hard. Vanos becomes engaged with the pirates, Bril’ tosses a stun grenade at the Droid and CRUMB locks down the ship.

Vanos dodges and shoots his way through the pirate crew while CRUMB is able to hack the Nova Cruiser, taking control of its weapons. Dag Salis is notified of the intrusion immediately, but it does not help him much. The turboblaster is fired accurately and the Gotal is launched far off violently.

After knocking down his opponent, Zakoor is attacked by the group of thugs. Their shots do nothing, bouncing off, and all but one are swiftly dealt with. The EV droid and final thug are all that remain fighting, and they decide to run. CRUMB manages to shut down their system, seconds before the the Preybirds fly over and attack once more.

Episode 12
Man Down

3 Days out of Boz Pity, ‘The Spotted Moon’ lands on Taanab to drop of Jenica in order for her to retrieve ‘The Eagle’. This proves to be the first truly civilized planet the group has visited, which quickly prompts uncomfortable interactions with Imperial Customs Agents.

Vanos is particularly shaken and hides aboard the the ship while Bril’ and Stanut almost get boarded for implying there were more than the recorded passenger list aboard. Zakoor and CRUMB attempt to covertly spy on the proceedings from the ramp. Thankfully, a crisis is averted and they leave planet side quickly.

Bril’ successfully plots their course to the Sullust System, getting them across the Galaxy quite quickly. To take up time on the journey, the group plays a chance cube based game called Hintaro. Stanut wins a game, but in the end it is Bril’ that takes the pot. Immediately after, the rotting head of the Guf Drolg is remembered, and flash frozen by exposing it to the cold of space in the docking collar.

Their destination turns out to be an antiquated, abandoned Golan Space Defence Platform sitting in the middle of the Sullullub asteroid field. They are able to land unhindered, exit the ship in an open cavernous docking bay. A small group of Sullustians approaches, and an unseen sniper shoots and dramatically hits Stanut right through the neck. Zakoor hurries and pulls him back up the ramp, Bril’ manages to create a distraction by shooting an oxygen canister. Bril’ is hit and suffers a minor critical wound, Zakoor responds by hacking down a pair of the startled Sullustians and in doing so spots the sniper. Vanos runs out, guns ablaze and is able to knock down the armoured sharpshooter.

Meanwhile, CRUMB stabilizes Stanut on board the ship. Just as it seems the diminutive Sullustians were attempting to surrender a large ship and two fighters enter the Golan to join the ongoing action.

Episode 11
Hallucinogenic Butchery

Dropping into Boz Pity’s atmosphere, upon seeing trouble at Sol Winrels archaeological camp, Stanut deftly lands ‘The Spotted Moon’ inside the damaged electric perimeter fence. CRUMB accesses Xenology databanks, and upon identifying the four beasts as Guf Drolgs is also able to find a weakness in their armour. Zakoor stealthily runs towards cover and Vanos takes a potshot at a wooden box in an attempt to distract the closest creature, narrowly missing Zakoor. Meanwhile, Bril’ attempts to assert his leadership unsuccessfully, as his voice goes unheard in the din of combat. The Group spreads out to take further control of the situation. Upon arrival, Sol was perched on top of his ship, ‘The Lithic’, and in a panic slides off without any grace.

The heat of the battle rises, as Zakoor hacks the closest creature down brutally. Almost immediately after he succumbs to withdrawl hallucinations which manifests as two large flying creatures intent on inflicting great strain on the beefy Maurauder. He narrowly succumbs and loses consciousness due to a great mental strain. As he swings wildly, the battle rages on. Bril’ shoots down another beats while CRUMB and Vanos coordinate to repair the barrier fence before more of the Drolgs can enter the compound.

After the battle, a recovered Zakoor hacks off a Guf Drolg head, commanding CRUMB to wrap it up as Stanut was not at all pleased that the bloody head was going to be dragged onto his ship. That evening, the group is rewarded with a bit of down time and relaxation, as Guf steaks are prepared over an open fire. Another passenger was discovered by by Vanos and CRUMB. Jenica Kahn emerges to confer with Stanut. He has learned that the ’The Thousand Year Eagle has been impounded on Kalkovac. Jenica, a ShipJacker by trade, has been brought along just in case her services were needed.

As the fire burns down low outside, Bril’ finally gets a chance to sit down and discuss his mystery dagger with Sol. While he does not possess any concrete answers, he believes the heirloom is a Darksaber, of which only a few were rumoured to exist during the Clone Wars. However, the weapon is incomplete and Sol is unable to decrypt the glyphs at present.

The next morning they depart, continuing on Stanut’s scheduled delivery job to Sullust.


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