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  • Episode 6

    The screen fades to Bril', Zakoor, Vanos and CRUMB surrounded by a dozen Consortium men. After realizing that they aren't going to talk their way out of this one, the grizzled old vet' that appears to be their leader, has their hands bound and they are …

  • Episode 7

    [[Thousand Year Eagle | The Eagle]] pops out of [[Sleheyron | Sleheyrons]] atmosphere and is immediately beset with a wing of four [[TIE Fighter | TIE Fighters]]. Bril' and Vanos see to piloting and co-piloting duties while Zakoor jumps into one of the …

  • The Steady Hand

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    The Steady Hand is a Marauder Class Assault Corvette used by [[The Zann Consortium | The Zann Consortium]].

  • Spir Fraxis

    Spir Fraxis has long been a close confident of Tyber Zann, head of the militaristic Zann Consortium. Primarily acting as a high level naval officer, he has a decorated history both in space and ground conflict. In his youth he was an officer in the …