Star Wars: The Far Reaches

Gliss Riffer, an old and unsavoury acquaintance of Zakoor, shows up and there is no question that he is a glit biter. He came asking for a hookup, but instead went elsewhere to look. Meanwhile, CRUMB and Vanos take care of some unfinished business by eliminating Luna.

All the while, Bril’ has made an offer of relocation to Dovin. The barman is very happy with the prospect of brewing away from the suffocating grip of the Hutts. At this point, Snoo returns to offer work. Zakoor has rejoined and decides they will take a job rescuing a pair of politicians children on Lythos in the Corporate Sector.

On the Farm planet they meet the Cerean contact, Ti-run-Cor. His kids are being held by a poilitical rival at her nearby homestead. Bril Flies them there swiftly and skillfully. CRUMB disables everything and Vanos takes down the first three guards. Zakoor jumps into action and eliminates the remaining 2. Upon returning the children they receive their reward and then return to Sleheyron.


Naboooki Naboooki

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