Star Wars: The Far Reaches

Episode 19

Customs and Payout

The Eagle is yanked from hyperspace on the outskirts of the Antar system. While Bril’ is able to flawlessly determine their location, he us unfortunately unable to send his B.O.S.S datapad info to the customs officials that have pulled them from hyperspace. CRUMB rushes in to help, and Vanos steps in to assist in negotiating with the Imperials.

First they are questioned about their lengthy absence from civilized ports, and what their cargo is. They admit to the space brew and the Gulf Drolg head. They are fined and taxed, but successfully get away without being boarded. After landing on Sleheyron, the cargo is sent to Diori’s Palace.

Soon to be reminded that they have a stored crate of Glitterstim, Vanos and CRUMB work to find an black market contact to offload the goods. They find a smooth talking, floating droid named Luna that is willing to do business with them.

Meanwhile, Bril’ and Zakoor make their way to Diori’s palace, where they are guided in by the Rodian Majordomo Trusska. Walking down winding passageways, Bril’ and Zakoor arrive in the throne room, where they in turn decide to forego receiving payment for the tibanna in exchange for help fund the Golan platform and their goal to build it into a functioning hub.

After being escorted out by a pair of Gamoreans, the team runs into an old contact, the Devoranian Snoo. He warns Bril’ that the Spir Fraxis and the Zann Consortium may not be a threat to be feared, and that Diori may not beentirely trustworthy.

The whole crew rendezvous at Dovin’s modest cantina to celebrate the successful completion of their delivery job.


Naboooki Naboooki

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