Star Wars: The Far Reaches

Episode 22

Family Ghosts

En Route to Dagobah the crew returns to the Golan station to check on its status, and drop off CRUMB. Zakoor intimidates one of the mercenaries, Horo Vondin and puts him to work dealing with the flash frozen Guf Drolg head.

While chatting with Tima, CRUMB bumps around the workshop, while the others set to work loading the three speeder bikes onto the Thousand Year Eagle. The Eagle soon leaves the station again, narrowly avoiding a rough asteroid collision due to Vanos and his co-piloting.

An uneventful hyperspace jump later and they are descending through Dagobahs murky atmosphere. Swooping too low, Bril’ regains control and sets the ship roughly down on a rocky cliff.

Back on the station, CRUMB tinkers away and fully restores the mouse droid T1mB1t and programs it with elimination directives, it is both ruthless and patient. CRUMB is also able to reboot the systems in the secondary hanger.

Back on Dagobah, Bril’s obsession drives him to take off on a speeder bike recklessly. Vanos and Zakoor follow and do their best to track him through the jungle. Alone, Bril’ encounters a misty, familiar figure. His father appears as a force ghost, but fades after a shot time. Looking for their Twi’lek friend, Zakoor and Vanos run into a giant swamp slug. The two are able to take down the massive creature and almost immediately rejoin with Bril’. Returning to their ship, they find Jenica and the Spotted Moon on the ground directly below the cliff and the Eagle.

Jenica points up into the jungle canopy, Stanut sits on a low branch, his mind dazed and off in his own galaxy.


Naboooki Naboooki

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