Star Wars: The Far Reaches

Episode 23

Hack of the Nova

The crew of the eagle reacquaint themselves with Jennica and Stanut. Stanut is very difficult to understand, next to incoherent. His mind has been broken. Jennica had originally brought him to Dagobah to try and help with his recovery. However, she is ready to leave planet and offers the crew a job. Diori is the one responsible for the breaking of Stanut, and so she wants the Hutt taken down.

Back on the Golan station, CRUMB detects a hostile attempting to hack into the station. After inititally being successful, a counterslice by the treadded astromech locates the enemy behind a large asteroid in the field surrounding station. With full control over the enemy ship, CRUMB remotely pilots the ship into the ships tractor beam, holding it in stasis until the crew returns from Dagobah.

Zakoor, in the last throws of his addiction, gives in yet feels very disgusted by his own actions. Everyone then decides it is time to get off planet, both ships jump to hyperspace heading back to the Golan Station.

CRUMB introduces T1M B1T and they haul in the enemy ship. It is the familiar Nova Courier that was once owned by the Gotal captain Dag Salis and is now owned by EV-8D3. Without much conversation, Vanos shoots a quick stun bolt, which distracts the supervisor droid enough that Bril’ can move in to snap on a restraining bolt. Exploring the captured ship, everyone is surprised to find two dozen vintage clone wars battle droids.


Naboooki Naboooki

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